Mooji ~ Mooji 22nd of March, 2014

The Truth is not going to be anything that you can perceive in front of yourself and at some distance away. It is always the subject, never an object. Take subject and Source to be one.
Therefore, don’t keep looking at what is seen but instead, bring your attention to That from where the seeing emerges. Note that the seeing position is not trapped inside the bubble of the objects perceived.
To whom is all this occurring?
Is it to a person or some tangible entity which can be recognised?
Can that in whose presence even the functioning of perception is being perceived, can it Itself be recognised phenomenally?
And if so, by whom or what?
Do you follow?
If you have been following my pointing diligently, you will be able to answer directly from the Self.
Who or what are you?
Look, feel and confirm.
Your sincere introspection will have caused mind to burn up all its concepts. It will have nothing more to offer.
What is left now?


Don't use anyone else's words or findings now. Rely on your own discovery. Don't identify with anything new.
Don't pick up any more concepts.

"There's just This."

This what?

"It is formless and indefinable."

Yes. This is the Self, it is not other than you.
Like this, you have come to the end of words.
Well Done!
Now just keep quiet.


The mind
Simply This


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