Advanced Ho'oponopono

Hawaiian prayer for healing

"I'm sorry...Please forgive me...Thank You...I love you."
Some use I apologize rather than I'm sorry I use both
"I'm sorry...I apologize...Please forgive me....I love you...Thank You ..."
Simple, beautiful, scripturally and theologically sound, and works wonderfully.


to be or not to be free of data
how Ho'oponopono works with the Conscious Unconscious Superconscious
Transformation of data into nothing reappearing as inspiration
only 3 states the mind can be in disease Neutral or Inspiration

Dr Hew Len - explains


Dr. Hew Len - Inner Child meditation


Inner Child Meditation
Advanced Subliminal Version
Mark Ryan


Mark Ryan explains
Advanced Ho'oponopono
"Concept of the Inner Child"

7 plus or minus 2
is a way of saying that the average range of awareness is between 5 and 9 objects at any given time



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