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Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees
135,299,679 Trees planted by Ecosia users 4:46 10/7/2021
11/21/22 Over 162 million trees planted

Ventusky: Weather Maps

Hear is a message of hope
3000-year-old solutions to modern problems | Lyla June | TEDxKC
Lyla June's website

Led Zeppelin - The Ocean (Cover) by Ellen, Yoyoka, Eva, Mateo


“Let us offer prayers and blessings
for all people and all nations of the Earth.
Let us bless that, though intense, this will also become a time of conscious awakening and healing for everyone.
We know, from the lessons of history,
that great difficulties, disasters and challenging times
also can strengthen and unify us by dissolving the differences that appear to divide us.

Calamities often strengthen us internally,
making us more deeply aware of the highest values of life.
Troubling times encourages us to work together,
to genuinely care for each other.
Such events make us more aware of our collective strength
when we work together as one united human family.
May we grow in unity, love and understanding.

The Lord’s Blessings be upon all people and nations affected at this time.
May governments and all helpers move in an inspired,
co-operative and harmonious way,
so that collectively we are able to put right
whatever needs to be put right within our capacity.
Our prayer is that this disease comes to an end soon.
We believe, trust, know this will happen.

This is a prayer for our entire world and its leaders.
We pray that the greater, higher Truth which dwells inside us all raise us up in conscious awareness of our true nature and Being so that we become more kind, more open,
more loving, wise, peaceful and powerful in the Truth we are.
May we live fully in the joy of our real nature
in accordance with the will of the Supreme God Almighty.”

~ Moojibaba

Siddha Healing & Shaktipat
Darshan Baba
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under publishing date)




The Society for The Infinite Spark of Being





Some helpful Meditation links

"Have a good heart, act with kindness;
nothing is more important than that." - Patrul Rinpoche



Spoken word by Bill Hicks
"It's just a ride."


(Viceland add)


Of that of which I am certin
The things that I useto be certin of, Iam nolonger certin of.
The things that I useto be certin of, that Iam still certin of,
Iam nolonger certin of in the way I useto be certin of them and altho I can't be certin,
I can be fairly certin that this is not going to stop.
~Macrina Wiederkehr


Pema Chodron
The Essential Pema: Study Guide


Pema Chodron Quote of the Week
(Heart Advice)


Check out our Meetup website listing for Zoom linkStuart Nonduality & Beyond Meetup


Clear White Light
by Lindisfarne


At the core of our Being we all long for fundamental or unconditional happiness, a contentment that is indestructible.
It doesn’t depend on any external causes, conditions, or circumstances. Our disconnection from unconditional happiness lies within our own minds.
In fact, there are only a few thoughts between us and happiness.
We could also say that happiness is an Enlightened Mind, our True Nature, which is already present in all of us.

It is here now;
ready to reveal a strength, vibrancy,
serenity and inner peace
that many of us have never known possible.


The View and Meditation of Dzogchen can be explained in many, many ways, but simply sustaining the essence of present awareness includes them all.





Open HeartMind

Deep Relaxation


Remember what the Weather Lama Yeshé Dorjé said
"...it is much more difficult to control one's mind
than to control the weather."
See Storm as already dissolved
feel & know it is so.

Be safe,
Love & Blessings

Our Shared Being
~Rupert Spira


Becoming more conscious throughout our day & night.

Discovering the spacious quality of awareness
in which all experience
seemingly appears
and disappears.

Finding beauty in What Is.
Just As It Is


Relaxing as the presence of awareness
Once again we live
In complete intimacy
With the universe.



Have an hour to spend on yourSelf?
Yoga Meditation:
The Body is a Localisation of Consciousness


Relaxing as the presence of awareness
Once again we live
In complete intimacy with
The universe.


Discovering the Spaciousness of Awareness
Through guided Meditation, sacred sound (mantra) gentle breathing exorcises (pranayama) and working with the Illumination of Healing Light.


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.

the meaning of each word:
lokah: location, realm, all universes existing now
samastah: all beings sharing that same location
sukhino: centered in happiness and joy, free from suffering
bhav: the divine mood or state of unified existence
antu: may it be so, it must be so (antu used as an ending here transforms this mantra into a powerful pledge)

Miten & Deva Premal - Lokah Samasta, Soul in Wonder


Another of the tools we have worked with is Deva Premal's version of the Medicine Buddha’s mantra which goes like this:
tayatha om bekandze bekandze maha bekandze radza samudgate soha

Here is a link if you would like to get started now...


Without any fabrication or effort
The discovery of basic space
The natural state of Being
Open, Spacious, Luminously Knowing
Just This
As It Is

Also we continue our exploration of sacred sound vibration of mantra as a way of realigning our focus with the sacredness of all life.

I am amazed that there are a hand full of people learned here in Stuart Fl and who now know the long form of the Gayatri mantra.

a link to the long form of the Gayatri with Shivani Ma
that we have been practicing

Om Bhuh Om Bhuvaha Om Swaha
Om Maha Om Janaha Om Tapaha Om Satyam
Om Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayat



Everything abides in and as naturally occurring totally pure timeless awareness.
There is nothing whatsoever other than this.


Come join us with an open mind and light heart

All Are Welcome


Video For Space mantra Ah


Mother Earth

Into The Open Economy: How Everything You Know About The World Is About To Change Kindle Edition $0.00
by Colin R. Turner



Shanti also appears (on line)
@ the Buddhist meetup group
in Stuart FL

and in Newburyport

Next Mini Retreat TBA

Awareness Awakening


Buddhism and Science videos

(door to Reference page )

Dagpo Tashi Namgyal:

Elevate your experience and remain wide open like the sky.
Expand your mindfulness and remain pervasive like the earth.
Steady your attention and remain unshakable like a mountain.
Brighten your awareness and remain shining like a flame.
Clear your throughtfree wakefulness and remain lucid like a crystal.


Let go of what has passed.
Let go of what may come.
Let go of what is happening now.
Don't try to figure anything out.
Don't try to make anything happen.
Relax, right now, and rest.


Mahamudra & Dzogchen links



5 Theories About The Universe
That Will Blow Your Mind


there is only Awareness
communicating itself
to itself






Free Broadcast 9:00 pm
See schedule link below for the latest listing

Broadcast logon & Schedule

You can also on YouTube Live




Adyashanti website


Resurrecting Jesus - Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic at Adya's store $19.00 Printed Copy

November 17 Broadcast ~ Free Live Broadcast
(Formerly Santa Cruz Meeting)
more info


Rupert Spira


Rupert Spira Live Webinar

Rupert Spira
Next Live Webinars
By donation

1:00pm - 3:00pm ET

11:00am - 1:00pm ET


look for Retreat at Home




  From an early age Rupert was deeply interested in the nature of Reality. For twenty years he studied the teachings of Ouspensky(student of Gurdjieff), Krishnamurti, Rumi, Shankaracharya, Adi Da Samaraj, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and Robert Adams until he met his teacher, Francis Lucille, thirteen years ago. Francis introduced Rupert to the teachings of Jean Klein and Atmananda Krishnamenon and, more importantly, directly indicated to him the true nature of experience.  
Are There Stages of Realization?
Rupert Meditations
Life after Awakening
Awareness Knows Itself by Itself an interview with Rupert Spira


Integrating Advaita with Other Disciplines
Non-Duality and the Nature of Experience
with Paul J. Mills of UC San Diego and Rupert Spira



The Invitation Toolkit
~ Immediate Awakening for Everyone ~
These videos serve to deepen and confirm the direct recognition of one’s timeless Being.

Satsang with Mooji


Mooji's website


Rishikesh Open Satsang Season 2020
from Rishikesh, India

no upcoming events currently scheduled in 2020

Free Audio & Video

Satsang of the Week

"I Am Nothing — That Is My Highest Joy"

"Satsang is the invitation to step into the fire of self-discovery.
This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not!"

Podcast: Your Real Self Is Just Magnificent

"Remain one with Is-ness as Is-ness itself.
Bring your attention to it. Stay with it.
Acknowledge it. Love it. Enjoy it.
Be it."



Mooji Answers on vimeo

Mooji in Dub by Jonahgold
Mooji in Dub by Jonahgold




The Invitation to Freedom
~ Immediate Awakening for Everyone ~


A Simple and Profound Introduction to Self-Inquiry +


No 'You' no 'I' only Am
A guided Meditation with Mooji



Today's Quote from Mooji

Forgiveness, Relationships and the Realization of the Self,
Interview with Kenneth Bok
Kenneth Bok from ACIM
explained A Course in Miracles and Buddhism:
A Comparison

Sat Shree Live
Upcoming Live Events





Events & Gatherings

meetup in FL

meetup in CA

meetup in CA 2

"The Open Way"
with Cory Bright Way






The Open Way


Non-Duality America
the movie

Western Masters of Non-Duality

Western Masters of Non-Duality
With the following Masters
Rupert Spira
Scott Kiloby
Gary Crowley
Randall Friend
& Greg Goode

Nonduality America link
the image above is also the link

for transcript of the movie
Check out Non-Duality America

Rupert Spira~
could be said to be the experiential understanding that experience does not comprise two parts, a perceiving subject and a perceived object, but is rather one seamless whole. In this revelation the distance, separation or otherness between oneself and all objects, people and the world is seen to be and to have always been utterly non-existent.

Love, peace and happiness are some of the names that are sometimes given to this experiential realization but are usually misinterpreted by thinking. In conventional dualistic thinking we feel, “I love you.” In the living experience of non-duality, the I and the you dissolve, leaving only love.


Nonduality does not mean we do not exist-but it does mean we do not exist as we think we do.
According to the nodule-view, the phenomena, boundaries, and formations which constitute our world are but a fleeting illusion, empty of separate existence.
In relative terms, things are exactly as they seem.
But Ultimately, everything Is As It Is, everything is One.
In theistic language, Everything Is God.


Advanced Ho'oponopono

Click here for info and meditations


What is Squirrel Nonduality?


Brought to you by
The Squirrelady Julie Gallagher


Juicy Squirrel Happiness

Nondual Counseling


Juicy Squirrel Happiness ~ Squirreluminosity
Satsang with Mr.Nut ~ The Book of the Great Squirrel!


Satsang with Mr.Nut - Be Kind


What Is My True Nature? (Parts I-V)

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