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20th Tara Mantra Practice
Lopön Chandra Easton
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Tara # 20 out of 21
Tara Ritrö Loma Gyönma
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Nama Tare Mano Hara Hung Hara Svaha

Ritrö Loma Gyönma is peaceful and yellow red like saffron.
Devotedly reciting her mantra dispels all deadly epidemics.
Upon her Utpala flower is a round vessel filled with nectar.
Her eyes are like the sun and the full moon.
From the sun of her right eyeshines radiant light,
destroying all disease-bearing beings.
From the moon of her left eye, a rich stream of nectar descends,
healing all forms of disease, including their causes and consequences.

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20th Tara Concise Sadhana (Guided Practice) PDF

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